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Updated: Mar 4

Want to reinforce your primary school kid’s knowledge on angles? Here are some basic angles knowledge to be used when solving primary 5 math questions.

Number and Algebra, Fractions, Decimals, Rate and Speed…

If your child is in Primary 5 now, you’d notice the math questions they’re facing now are a lot more complicated.

It’s easy to let all that overwhelm your kid. Think about how easy it is for your kid to give up a little each day to learn topics they simply don’t understand, and expecting to grasp it someday. But that shouldn’t be the case. 

The Primary 5 math syllabus has a steep learning curve and mere luck isn’t going to help them score.

Your child, as well as you, has to put in a lot more effort. Such as adopting these 5 actionable steps to improve math.

Because nothing beats going through the paper, and realize they’re able to solve more questions then expected.

And that, wouldn’t only be achievable through diligence and perseverance. You and your little one will be pleased to know that among all those seemingly mind-grueling Primary 5 math questions, there are a few topics that are considerably easier to deal with.  

And geometry is one of them. Why so? Because almost every Primary 5 geometry math question is rooted from the same few concepts.

Once your kid grasp these ideas, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to score.

A strong knowledge of geometry is key to solve any questions related to it, no matter how complex those questions look.

Check out the infographic below to learn more helpful tidbits of Primary 5 geometry and angles knowledge.

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