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They say, "Nip the evil in the bud". At higher levels, the highest number of parents who contact us in desperation, especially near exam time, are concerned about their child's math exam.

So many students find math challenging because they do not understand it, and it is not just a lack of understanding but also a lack of familiarity.

For a student to develop a sound understanding of math, it is crucial that he or she get a quality math education at a primary level and math is such a subject that once you missed a fundamental skill, it will end up creating more problems for you later.

Math is a mandatory subject and has a fair weightage of percentage for admission tests. If a student does not get it right, the chances are high that he will suffer at current levels and have to pay the price at higher levels.

Choose Owlinker for Searching the Right Primary Math Tutor

Owlinker provides assistance to help parents find the most suitable and reliable private tutor in Singapore that can help your child deal with the challenges he currently faces and prepare him for the ones that await him on the higher levels.

Here is how we help:

1. Core Concepts:

Instead of focusing only on the math problems and teaching students how to solve them, our private math tutor focuses on the core math concepts that will be used in the problems.

Through the teaching process of our tutors, students will be able to understand the practical application of the subject and to make analysis to see “what is the issue” and also the steps required to be taken to resolve it. In this way, this became an ongoing challenge that motivates the student to learn and perform it, also, it provides our students with a sense of fulfilment and enhanced self-confidence once the question has been resolved.

This methodology has been proven to help students grow out of math freight and understand the importance of the subject.

2. Dedication:

Owlinker would source for a primary math tutor that dedicates himself to work on the basics of a student instead of just rushing him through the syllabus. The teaching mechanism of our private tutors should be result-oriented, and they should not move on from a question unless the student has totally grasped its details and is adequately equipped to solve another similar with ease.

Similarly, our teachers treat students on a personal level, and their continuous appreciation and motivation act as a catalyst for the students to give them their best.

3. Empathy:

Every primary math tutor who works with Owlinker is experienced to teach students at the primary level. They have developed special techniques to motivate students.

Mainly, when a student finds something challenging, he faces enormous pressure from his teacher as well as his peers. This pressure will further affect him mentally, and the student will go into a phase of self-doubt.

Owlinker has a strict policy against pressurizing the students. Instead, we have a policy of improvising, i.e., if a particular technique is not working, the teacher will change his technique instead of forcing the student to adapt himself according to the teacher's technique.

This policy of empathizing with students has shown far better results than pressurizing them for obvious reasons, and the improvisation has given us 100% results in terms of academic performance.

4. Pace:

As mentioned earlier, if a student misses one concept in math, he will not be able to keep up with the rest of the curriculum.

Owlinker’s private math tutor will not let that happen to your child. As we do not have a class to teach and our tutors are dedicated to one student at a time, it is much easier for them to set the pace according to the student's comfort.

Our tutors do not rush through the syllabus and make sure that each student is grasping every concept that is required for them to know. If students are seen encountering an issue with a topic or concept, students can request to go back to the earlier topic to be more seasoned before moving on to the next.

By doing so, our private tutors would always be able to be on the same page as our students to make sure that the learning process is not broken halfway.

5. Revisions and Reassessments:

Revisions and Reassessments are very essential in the process of learning. For Owlinker, when we are sourcing for primary math tutor, we would always check with the tutor if they do take out certain time during lesson time or outside of lesson time to do a revision session with the students to recap on the key concepts and certain questions of Mathematics.

The revision session conducted by our private tutors are also golden opportunity for students to enquire whatever burning questions that they might have in their heart with our tutors to help them in better understanding certain areas that they might still not be well versed with.

In order to find out whether the student understands the learning outcomes of the particular topic or not, students should always go back to trying out certain questions relatable to that particular topic that they have just covered for the day so as to prove his or her understanding in this area.

Such assessments prepare students on a micro-level for their final exams while boosting their confidence and giving them a sense of security.

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