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English Tution

English is an international language, and if the citizens are not strong in it, Singapore will practically not remain operational in the global market. This is the reason ministry of education is focusing on enhancing the English language skills of students in Singapore.

This has as a result caused English curriculum to be tougher and tougher with each academic year. The syllabus is evolving and including more advanced-level English with each revision.

At such a point, learning the basics is not enough, and a student will barely be able to qualify if he or she does not actually have a command of English.

The problem with primary schools is that the teachers themselves are rarely qualified to teach English. They have just mastered the without actually learning English, and they would actually lag behind as the syllabus changes as the years goes by.

This problem leads the students to turn towards parents for help, however, the issue here is that parents rarely have the availability and ability to help their children. Well, Owlinker is here with a list of experienced private tutors that would definitely be able to help your children get the help he or she needs.

Primary English Tuition - Get yourself enrolled

Owlinker would be able to source for the most suitable and experienced private tutors to conduct primary English tuition for students who are in need of this coaching to build their foundation and especially at this level of primary education where examination starts to take place for students, it is incredibly essential for students to be well-equipped with such knowledge for them to survive in the other levels of education.

Here is how we do it:

1. Qualified Faculty:

At Owlinker, we do not hire teachers who are just qualified enough to teach primary English tuition. Instead, we employ those who are qualified to teach English as a language.

One of the main qualities that we are looking for when sourcing for an English tutor or primary English tutor, is that they must be comfortable and confident speaking in English since they would need to be conversing with students mainly in English to help them accustomed to this language.

Studying with such a teacher eliminates the alienation of English as a language among students and gets them out of the pressure that they are speaking a foreign language. It makes them comfortable with English as it is just a means of communication.

Moreover, the performance of our teachers does not get affected by the changes in the curriculum. As a matter of fact, our private tutors have been happy and have appreciated the changes in the curriculum as they believe it is better for the students’ growth.

2. Atmosphere:

As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”. Primary level students are not mature enough to understand the necessity of knowing English because their life goes perfectly normally without knowing English.

Owlinker’s recommended private tutors create an atmosphere or an environment where we create a need for students to learn and use English as a language. This method facilitates and stimulates children to grasp the skills of application using this language and become more proficient in English.

3. Creativity:

Learning a language is pointless if you cannot be creative with it. If a student only speaks or writes what he reads, the whole point of primary English tuition gets killed.

Owlinker’s private tutors do not let that happen. Instead, students would be able to use the opportunity during the presence of the private tutor to express themselves more in English while also challenging themselves when given a topic to talk about.

This practice helps the students in their exams as well as when they are required to answer comprehension questions during their exams. It also enables them to break free from their books and be creative during exams while making sure that they still follow all the rules that is required for them to follow.

4. Fun Way of Learning:

English is a subject that is supposed to be lighter and less technical than other subjects, but unfortunately, as it is a very theoretical and it is a subject that is heavy content based, students would have difficulty staying focus in schools.

Primary English Tuition - for better grades

The primary English tuition conducted by Owlinker’s recommended private home tutors will be able to use a different kind of method which is more interesting and entertaining to make sure that the students would stay focus throughout the lesson and most importantly grasp the necessary knowledge in order to do well for this subject such as grammar, punctuations, vocabulary etc, this is the benefit of a one-to-one tuition by our private tutors.

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