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JC Math Tuition

Math Tuition

JC math is the most advanced level math that students have to learn before entering into professional courses. Hence, the subject is designed in a way to help students be prepared for a higher level of education when they are climbing up the levels to go to university or into the workforce.

Moreover, JC math is also deliberately made tough to scrutinize the best of the best students and also mainly to push students to do their best.

In such a situation, JC students would be pressured and be pushed to their limits to overcome the challenges they would encounter while studying JC Math.

Moreover, the difficulty level of all other subjects is at the same level, so that makes the situation even worse. And JC students are always clouded with their social life and have enough distractions to keep them engaged all day long.

If you couple it with future anxiety and being clueless about what to do next, which is a norm for students that are still studying, you have a perfect recipe for disaster in the final exams.

Owlinker’s Math Tuition JC

To help students go through this phase of life and prepare them for their future and enable them to get admissions in their desired universities and desired courses, Owlinker will be able to help students source for the most suitable and experience private tutor in Singapore to aid them in math tuition JC.

The math tuition JC conducted by our recommended private tutors is the most ideal solution in helping students build their foundation of math at this level and to ultimately bring them to distinction.

Here is how we help:


The JC math syllabus is not just tough, it is also very overwhelming in terms of the amount of contents to cover. It has various parts such as calculus and trigonometry etc.

The first step that every JC math student needs to take for efficient exam preparation is to break their syllabus down effectively. For this, one needs a sound understanding and grip of the topics and this area is always a major challenge faced by students.

This is why the math tuition JC conducted by our experienced private tutorswill be structuralized in a way that students would be able to slowly grasp the fundamentals or base of learning for this subject and slowly see the co-relation for some of the syllabus to finally understanding how this whole entire subject works.

Through the careful guidance of our recommended private tutors, students would not need to waste valuable time going back to previous topics to understand the syllabus again and they would be able to move higher to greater heights.


By the time a student reaches Junior College, he should have a very strong foundation for the fundamentals of math in the previous levels. At least those who have studied under the recommended private tutors of Owlinker have.

At this point, it is of no use to go back and revise basic concepts from scratch. Soft revisions are essential, but JC maths syllabus does not give enough margin for full-fledged revisions.

Fundamentals even from previous levels are extremely essential even as students advanced to JC level, as the fundamentals are the still most of time relevant to new equations or formulas learnt in any level of study. Hence before our private tutors conduct their math tuition JC, Owlinker would always make sure that our experienced private tutors will definitely need to have the qualities of an educator with a strong basic foundation of math before we would recommend them to students who need coaching.

In addition, with the private tutors that we have sourced, even students whom were lagging behind in their fundamentals from previously level will be able to make up for what their deficient.


JC math is complex because it uses a combination of multiple mathematical problems.

As a simple example, let's consider how multiplication requires knowledge of addition and division requires subtraction.

Similarly, JC math consists of multiple complex problems combined with being solved as a single problem.

For, ourprivate tutors focus on enlightening our students regarding these combinations so they can get a command over every question they may encounter in their exam.

This preparation requires separating the sections and going over each one of them for a deeper understanding.


Over the years of being in this industry, we have developed an understanding and have spotted a pattern of common mistakes that majority of JC math students made during examination. Similar among all levels, examinations are scheduled for students to test their understanding in the subject, students will always succumb to trick questions that is meant to confuse students which is very common throughout the cohort.

Through our recommended private tutor’s math tuition JC, students will be guided through on steps to follow when encountering a trick question so as to prepare them beforehand.

Ourprivate tutors are definitely experienced educators that will be able deliver theirlectures in a way that they address those pointers and leave no rooms for an opportunity for the students to be confused by this subject.


As mentioned earlier, the anxiety of the future plays a significant role in demoralizing JC math students. Under Owlinker’s recommended private tutor’s math tuition JC, students can actually bring up their concerns to the tutors to help them build up their confidence as time goes by.

Students can understand what is it that they would be able to expect in university life from our private tutors for students to pave their path and understand what is to be expected from them now that they are in this level of study.

Similarly, our private tutors would also give them guidance regarding the scope and other factors of different fields so that when the time comes, the students will be able to make an informed decision rather than just blindly falling into it.


At the JC level, as the students are being prepared for practical life, they are required to learn how to use specific tools. The formulae and equations at this point also become much more complex.

Many students fail to score higher despite having a sound understanding and rigorous practice of math questions because they are not well-versed with the usage of tools. Similarly, they also have difficulty remembering and breaking down formulae and equations.

Tips and Tricks:

After our students are prepared for their exam, the time comes to equip them with tips and tricks that will help them get a distinction in their exam.

Since students have went through the lessons with the private tutors sourced by Owlinker, even if the students encountered a really tricky question during their examination, there would be no issues as well.

Become an A-grader with Math Tuition JC

The math tuition JC conducted by our private tutors pay special attention to student’s ability to use tools like graph calculators on a professional level. Moreover, students would be well equipped with simplified versions of formulae and equations for them to be able to achieve partial marks even if they did not achieve the final answer of the question.

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