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With the evolving environment, tuitions are becoming a need of the hour in Singapore. There are a couple of reasons behind it.

First and foremost is the continuously demanding qualifying criteria set by the ministry of education. Along with it, the syllabus is also becoming more complex, more advanced and much heavier in content with every passing year.

Students are struggling at all levels, be it primary, secondary or tertiary. They would then require a much more unique and individualize version of coaching that is different from what they have been through in school to get through the struggles. However, as the syllabus are much more advanced now, even parents are unsure on how to coach their children these days.

In such a scenario, tuitions are the only hope Singapore has to provide its future generation with the education it needs to become an active part of rapidly developing Singapore.

Moreover, tuitions come with their benefits as well. Private tuitions provide the ease of attending classes from home. They allow students to study on their own time, from a teacher of their choice, for the subject they find challenging and most of all, students can get individual attention through tuitions.

Owlinker is a trusted tuitions service provider in Singapore which has been in the industry for years, has connected thousands of students with their ideal teachers. The teachers sourced by us are adequately qualified and richly experience to provide coaching for all the subjects at all levels.

At Owlinker, we provide tutors for students at all three levels before they get to make to a university. The levels include primary, secondary and junior college level.

Owlinker has a multi approach towards providing tutors for its primary, secondary and JC students. Firstly, we screened through tutors’ profile to ensure that they are well-qualified to teach the appropriate levels. We interview tutors to find out more and categorize them accordingly. Next, we find out more about the child’s learning style before we source for a suitable tutor as we understand that every child is unique. Lastly, we strive to find the perfect fit between the student and the tutor to ensure a lasting relationship.

Our recommended private tutor tuitions services cover all three educational levels including, primary, secondary and JC tuitions. Here is what sets us apart from other tuitions:

Primary Tuitions:

At primary tuitions, our focuses on developing the conceptual base of our students and get them comfortable with the subjects that they are studying.

For this, they will study each subject from the base foundation and begin with understanding its significance. After that, they would move on into the technicalities part where students will be able to understand how the skills and theories taught to them is applicable in their daily lives as well.

In Owlinker, we source for tutors who are patient, passionate and yet firm to guide our primary school students. Also, they must be qualified with the right positive energy.   

In addition, students will also be drilled to prepare for PSLE so that they are ready to ace it when the time comes.

Secondary Tuitions:

At secondary level, Owlinker recommended private tutors couple their conceptual education with practicality. Secondary school is the time when students start to view the subjects at a broader and larger level and start putting their conceptual knowledge to use.

To aid our students, our private tutors are also judged on their methods of conducting their lessons before we recommend to them to the students. Audiovisuals and animation are always a viable tool for students to have a better understanding of the topic rather than pure words.

In the end, weit will be the student’s own responsibility to craft notes for their own revision purposes, definitely with the guidance of our veteran private tutors. These notes facilitate our students’ preparation for final exams to help gear them up in view of their examination.

JC Tuitions:

At JC level, subjects become much more complicated and the syllabi become much more extensive. The grading criteria became stricter with very much higher expectations expected out of the students causing the JC level to be a very overwhelming level.

Moreover, students start to have their own lives which divides their attention and focus which therefore caused student to neglect their priority.

All these challenges make it harder for students to get a good score in JC and make it to their dream university. At this point, they require additional coaching coupled with mentorship.

The private tutors sourced by Owlinker provide both coaching and mentorship to our JC students. Our JC students would then be able to understand the new requirements much better and the steps to take for them to be able to achieve their academic goals under these strict criteria. Under the careful supervision of our professional private tutors, it would no longer be just a dream for our students.

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