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As the level becomes advanced, so does math. At the secondary level, one cannot simply think of acing the GCE O Level math by preparing through the traditional method.

At this level, even those students who have been very well versed with math throughout their lives need help not only to understand the subject but also to get a good score in their final exam.

At Owlinker, just reasonable is not good enough. Owlinker have sourced for private math tutors that are able to prepare the secondary math students to go to the top and clear their exams with a distinction so that they can make themselves and their parents proud while being able to make them motivated in making their dream come true.

Find Secondary Maths Tutor through Owlinker

Owlinker provides the service to source for the best, highly qualified and well-experienced secondary maths tutors in Singapore, who help to achieve goals with the bright future of the students.

Here is what goes into the drill:

1. Evaluation:

Secondary students are not new to math, and they have had a good time dealing with math. Hence, the private tutors that Owlinker sourced for cannot just begin with taking things from scratch as the math at this level is advanced and extensive, and the students are short on time.

Instead, Owlinker sources for secondary maths tutor that conducts an in-depth evaluation of the student before starting their tuitions. This evaluation gives them insights into the students current understanding, strengths, weaknesses and overall attitude towards math.

After the evaluation, the private tutors are better able to start a targeted preparation which saves time and energy for the students and reap better results in less investment.

2. Analytical Skills:

It is neither feasible nor desirable to go question by question at the secondary level and teach students how to solve them. Neither is it the demand of the curriculum.

Instead, Owlinker sources for secondary maths tutor that strongly focuses on developing analytical skills in a student, which will give him a command over the subject.

For this purpose, the study goes much deep, exploring the theory, concepts and applications of the particular section that is being dealt with. Such an approach enlightens a student with the nitty-gritty of a unit, be it trigonometry, algebra, vectors, or Pythagoras.

Once a student has a grasp on such areas, he is able to decode and analyze a math problem himself. He can move above and beyond and find a method to solve it.

Such an approach also helps with math freight which often causes students to underperform in their GCE O Levels exam by putting them under pressure and making them doubt themselves.

3. Customized Approach:

Secondary school is where not one size can fit all. By this time, each student has developed their own personality and challenges. At this time, the need of the hour is to go customized in the approach and treat each student at an individual level.

Every student has their own capacity, strengths and weaknesses. An excellent secondary maths tutor is the one who knows how to identify them and train students to their fullest potential.

Owlinker sources for secondary maths tutor that are trained to analyse every student on an individual level. If a student is good at math, the aim would be to enhance and equip him with skills that will help him reach his maximum potential.

Similarly, if a student struggles with math, the tutor will work to make up for the weaknesses and bring him to ground zero, where he has a fair shot against his competition.

It takes a lot on our part to devise a customized approach for each student and then implement it, but it is worth the results it brings. Owlinker has a history of no failures and many distinctions.

Owlinker has sourced for private math tutors that have customized approach that makes each student confident and comfortable with his preparation so that he can perform his best, taking away the pressure that is normal for every student to feel ahead of his GCE O Levels exams.

4. Resources:

Owlinker sourced for private secondary  maths tutor that has the qualities of being able to guide students on methods of crafting their own notes to aid their own understanding of the subject.

Making notes for the purpose of learning and revising has been a traditional method of learning since a long time ago even at this current era. There are no fixed templates for note taking as long as it aids the student by helping them to better understand what was taught and it will be a very important and reliable tool during revision.

Moreover, our private tutors would be able to share tips and tricks that will aid the student further to tackle the question if being asked during examination, such important details should be properly recorded in the notes as well.

For better preparation, books are not the only resources the secondary maths tutor will rely upon. Instead, the tutors consult multiple higher level as well as online resources to come up with the simplest and most convenient way to solve questions.

Online resources are one of the best weapons for students to be equipped with, as it may not always be directly relevant with what the students are learning, but the application theory is useful for the ease of understanding when our students are trying to understand a concept.

Of course, our private tutor remains available for the student at all times for personalized guidance.

5. Practice:

After an in-depth understanding of the topics, development of analytical skills and guidance on the crafting of notes, the next part is to practice the questions because that is what makes the learning process perfect.

The secondary maths tutorstarts by solving the questions and demonstrating the method until the student feels comfortable trying it on his own. Then as the student practices, the tutor oversees his exercise and guides him wherever necessary so that the student gets the hang of it.

This exercise also gives the tutor an opportunity to assess the student's challenges before the student attempts his final exam. As the session is a one-to-one session, our student can get a more personalized training from our experienced private tutors on areas that he or she is weaker so as to polish up on those areas much more efficiently.

The main benefit of having a private tutor is that the tutor will be able to fully focus on the student rather than a whole class, an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses will be well assessed by tutors since tutors only need to focus on one student throughout the entire lesson. Furthermore, students need not be shy or concern on whether they are dragging the whole class by asking more questions for better clarification.

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