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Most of the students have the potential to do pretty well at primary level, but when they don’t, it is simply because they do not have a will to work towards it based on the fact that they do not like that particular subject.

This issue becomes a big problem as some subjects are made compulsory by the ministry of education in Singapore that students cannot skip. These subjects also have a vital percentage in overall results.

At this time, every student needs extra care and attention with their studies which they can get in primary tuition.

Here are how the private tutors that Owlinker sourced for are able to guide the students with the most challenging subjects in primary tuition:


Online Primary Tuition:

Primary school is a phase where students need the utmost attention as it is the time when the core concepts and the base is built. This time is also crucial because it is also the time students decide which subjects they like, and dislike based on their experience with them.

Owlinker sourced for private tutors that provide primary tuition service in Singapore, which has built a solid academic base for the students to not face any hurdles in their future and reach their true potential, all through the comfort of their home.

Primary English Tuition:


Primary is a sensitive level, and it is the time when we can do a favor to your child and make his future life easy by supplementing his educational journey with a solid base.

The major problem that Owlinker observed with primary English teaching in Singapore is that the teachers present it as a foreign language and teach students the technicalities of English.

This approach will never let students feel comfortable with English. Owlinker sources for private tutors who teach students to be comfortable with English and the importance of learning it as a language. This approach does not only prove effective in teaching English, but also makes it much easier for students to score well in their exams.


Primary Math Tutor:


Math is a subject that keeps getting complicated with every passing educational level. Most of the students that we get in the math primary tuition struggle with math because they never learned it the way they were supposed to.

Owlinker sources for tutors that focus on teaching students the core concepts of math. This approach makes it much easier for students to actually understand math and also helps them with the upcoming educational levels.


PSLE Tuition:


Primary School Leaving Exam or PSLE is the most crucial stage of primary school student as it is mandatory to clear this exam to get an admission in secondary school.

This exam also combines various subject from many years of the primary school. The approach of tutors towards PSLE is to treat is as a competition.

Through PSLE tuitions, other than being taught the necessary skills required to ace the examination for PSLE, students would also be equipped with a mindset that in order to get into the secondary school of their choice, this would be a competition between all students, in order to motivate them differently to make sure that they would always have a clear goal in mind.

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