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General Paper Tuition

When students enter into JC, their study dynamics will change. The curriculum is not focused on teaching students about basic stuff anymore; and instead, it is about developing skills that they require to use what they have learned.

The epitome of such a subject is GP, which is entirely different from the English they had been studying and requires much more than memorizing sentence structures and vocabulary.

At this point, they need expert’ help to train them to start seeing the world the way their curriculum wants them to. It requires mind making and approach building and is not the job of any language teacher.

Choose Owlinker Tutor Agency for JC GP Tuition

GP is a subject that gives a tough time to even those students who are good at studies. To help students score well in their H1 exams, Owlinker offers JC GP tuition through the recommendation of private tutors for students, which would then help to crack the code of getting a distinction in the GP exam.

Here are how our private tutors can assist when conducting JC GP tuition:

1. Knowledge:

As mentioned earlier, GP is not about knowing the language only, and it requires a lot of knowledge that is not given in the books.

Firstly, JC students struggle with acquiring that amount of knowledge and then understanding it. Because the knowledge is not bookish and not deliberately presented in a way that it is understandable to the students, it is even hard for them to comprehend it.

JC GP tuition provided by our private tutors have a streamlined and well-regulated mechanism of keeping our students up to the date on the requirements and learning outcomes as well as their importance in order for them to be able ace their GP exam.


Having a knowledge of current affairs is not enough to score in GP as the questions are essay-based and require students to express more of their opinions to tackle the questions.

For students to know to come out with their own opinion in the first place, they need to learn how to analyze a topic and get notable points out of it. Moreover, they also need to have a deeper understanding of the question so that they do not miss any crucial points or confuse one with the other.

To help the students to developin developing analytical skills, the private tutors sourced by Owlinker for JC GP tuition are usually either experienced tutors or ex MOE teachers that have been teaching this subject for a long time, so they will be able to impart their analytical skills to the students during lessons. The discussions include highlighting the notable points, their relations with other significant events, and how they will impact the world.

Such discussion does not only enhance analytical skills of the students but also boost their understanding and confidence.

3. Impacts:

After learning how to analyze the topics, the next necessary step to make a sound opinion is learning how to predict the impacts of a happening.

For this, students’ need to be knowledgeable about the happenings around the world so that they are able to use those scenarios as referencing to support their opinions.

To help students develop such an understanding, our private tutor conducting JC GP tuition does not shy away from taking the discussion to the next level and discussing co-related events that will help students construct a thinking pattern.

With new gained knowledge, our students will then be able to debate on any situations thrown at them.


In order for your opinion to qualify, a JC student has to learn how to form sound and rational arguments in his GP exam.

Our private tutors train our students in the art of building an argument after constructing a logical thinking process. This drill enables our students to be concise in their exams and eliminate any noise from their arguments.

Previous patterns have shown that the examiners will only look for pointers that are relevant to the argument, and if a student strays off the topic, it results in negative marking.

Owlinker will only source for the most suitable private tutors to conduct JC GP tuition for students, so that our tutors will be able to impart their knowledge and confidence for them to be well-equipped.

5. Expression:

After the base is in place, the next thing to focus on is the role of language in GP. Regardless of how sound and valid your arguments are, if you do not know how to present them meaningfully, the knowledge will all go in vain.

JC GP tuition conducted by our private tutors, students will be trained in language application in order to express their opinions effectively and impressively. One of the qualities when sourcing a private tutor for our students is, we will make sure that the tutor has a solid foundation of English language so that they will be able to ensure that our students keep up to the standards required so that when the time comes for them to utilize it during their studies for GP, they will be able to utilize this skill to better express themselves.


Being able to express an argument effectively is not everything, an argument has to be supported with supporting arguments and valid points for it to create an impact. Moreover, an argument should not be intended to propagate your personal opinion; instead, it should be objective, factual and well balanced.

Many students studying GP in JC tend to go with the flow when they feel they have sufficient understanding of the situation without considering other factors that is also essential as well. As a result, it only shows the students carelessness in tackling the questions and ignorance for not thinking out of the box while only sticking to what they perceive it to be.

The JC GP tuition conducted by our private tutors will help our students learn new tips and tricks that they can utilize to prove their point but still keep their essays well-balanced and unbiased. Such tips and tricks only come with experience, and only a seasoned tutor like the ones Owlinker sourced for, will be able to teach such unconventional methods to the students.

We would only look for the best teachers in this line of work in order to help our students acquire excellent results for GP.

7. Application:

JC GP tuition conducted by the private tutors that we introduced does not end with only helping students to qualify for their H1 exam. In addition, from all the skills and knowledge taught during their lessons, students will be able to also apply this skillset in their daily lives after they have graduated and enter the workforce as well.

Aim for better grades with JC GP Tuition

The skills that are taught by the private home tutors that Owlinker have sourced for, will not only be applicable in helping students prepare for their GP paper, but it also helps student develop to become good with analyzing issues and questions which will then help them to score well for the other subjects in JC overall as well.

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