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Secondary school is a transitional phase that links basic concepts of a subject in primary school to advanced level applications of concepts in JC or Poly. If students do not get a good hang of secondary school education, they do not only miss a chance of getting into a good tertiary education institute, but they will also find it extremely hard to cope after getting in.

Moreover, our one-on-one secondary level tuition teaching model is adequate to keep the students away from distractions that they often face in their teenage and end up neglecting their priority.

This is how Owlinker approaches secondary math in its secondary tuition:

Online Secondary Tuition:

Owlinker sources for online experienced private tutors that are able to conduct secondary tuition services to secondary school students to aid them in their learning processes. Our recommended tutor’s online coaching is based on practical studies and expert methodology for teaching.

Our secondary tuitions students do not only get to make it to their desired course in the local tertiary institute of their choice, but acing it with distinction will no longer be just a dream for them.


Secondary Maths Tutor:

At secondary level, knowing the formulae and basic math operations is not enough. It is advanced level math and requires analytical and evaluation skills.

The questions are complicated and require the application of multiple formulae and operations. Owlinker will recommend the best private tutors to coach the students on a one-to-one basis on how to approach a question using the best methods.

Students will also benefit from our private tutors through learning some new tips and tricks that is imparted from our veteran private tutors that have been in this industry for a longer period of time.

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