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Chemistry Tuition

Many students struggle with chemistry at the JC level, however, Owlinker will be able to source for the right tutor that conducts private JC chem tuition to help these students ace in this segment.

Here is how our process works:

1. Objectives of JC Chem Tuition:

Students often have a complaint that they do not understand what they learnt after learning a topic.

The problem here is neither with the lecture delivery nor with the student's understanding. The problem is goal setting, as students find it hard to understand what are they supposed to take away from a topic.

The JC chem tuition, conducted by our private tutors are goal-oriented. Our tutors begin lectures by clearly defining the objectives of a topic which sets the goals for learning. As they deliver their lectures, students will then be able to acquire the learning outcomes of each lectures.

This practice makes learning chemistry much more wholesome and provides better results.

2. Practicality:

The second most important concern of JC students regarding chemistry is that they do not understand its practicality. The goal of JC chemistry is to prepare students for professional-level courses in their universities.

Private tutors sourced by Owlinker will use a more practical approach in their JC chem tuition to address students' concerns and achieve learning outcomes. Our tutors would demonstrate the practical application of chemistry to facilitate student’s understanding of this subject and apply it more efficiently during their period of study.

Through this practice, it enables students to acquire in-depth knowledge of this subject without any concern of forgetting it after each lesson.

3. Illustrations:

Owlinker would source for talented individuals that possess the right skills and deep knowledge of JC Chemistry before introducing it to students that require an assistance in this area of study.

These private tutors that are sourced by us are either experience tutors that have been in the education industry for a long time or ex-MOE teachers that have been employed by an institution to teach.

As JC Chemistry can be a really complicated subject to understand if falls in the wrong hands of an inexperienced tutor, we would make sure to understand how the private tutors conduct their lessons and their directions of teaching before officially introducing him or her to the students.

This in-dept knowledge from our experienced private tutors would come very handy when students attempt their final exam.

4. Notes:

Owlinker would only source for the most experienced and suitable private home tutors for students that requires more coaching in JC chemistry through JC chem tuition.

However, it is also incredibly important for students to be able to learn how to draft their own notes to help them to better gain the knowledge behind this subject.

As mentioned, JC Chemistry can be a really complicated subject, and if students were to miss out on any of the important pointers imparted by our private tutors, it would be even more challenging moving on to the rest of the lessons.

Students can seek assistance from experienced private tutors sourced by Owlinker to know how to craft their notes elaborately so that it would come in handy for them when they are doing self-revision on their own.

5. Formulas and Equations:

The most challenging thing that students find in JC chemistry is to deal with complex formulas and equations. Especially when it comes to organic chemistry, and they have to deal with structures of the complex organic compounds.

JC Chem Tuition makes everything easier

Owlinker would answer to the student’s need for assistance in coaching by sourcing for private 1 to 1 tutor to help them get through this challenging subject and at the same time, it enables the students to overcome their mental barrier and provides them with the confidence to sit in the exam when they are sure that they are prepared for it.

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