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Primary school is a transitional phase where a student has to get accustomed to the academic environment. The transitional stage is supposed to be smooth to increase the literacy rate, but the world educational environment is becoming more and more competitive.

This is the reason advanced level education in Singapore is at par with the world. But in order to maintain a certain standard for high-level education, the ministry of education has to take a step to make primary school more competitive.

Looking for Online Primary Tuition?

The tough environment of contemporary primary schools has become challenging for many students, and if it does not go well, it can severely affect the entire educational career of a student.

Primary schools have been taking steps to deal with this problem, but they seem to be as helpless in front of the curriculum as the students. Online primary tuition facilities in Singapore have provided the best solution to this problem.

Owlinker is one of the pioneers that source for private tutors that can conduct online primary tuition in Singapore, and now has a good history and the strength of thousands of alumni who have benefitted from our online primary tuition.

Here is what we offer:

1. Goals:

The main difference between a school and the private tutors that are sourced by Owlinker in online primary tuition is our goal to educate the children.

At schools, the teacher's job is to teach, and he or she is good as long as they have covered the syllabus. Whereas, the goal of our tutors is to ensure quality performance of a student in his or her exam.

To achieve this goal, the private tutors sourced by Owlinker teach the students and build their capacity while preparing them for more significant challenges that they will encounter at higher academic stages.

2. Attention:

The second difference between a school and online primary tuition is the attention that we are able to pay to our students.

As mentioned earlier, a schoolteacher does not have the availability to make sure that the primary level education is helping the student and preparing him for later stages.

The online primary tuition conducted by private tutors recommended by Owlinker is done on a one-to-one basis. Individual attention is paid to each student to help them develop the foundation they require, and that primary school is supposed to inculcate.

3. Time:

As our goal defines, Owlinker sources out for private tutors not just to teach but to develop, so we make arrangements to ensure that each student gets the time he requires to learn at his own pace.

The flexibility of the schedule is such that the students or their parents can pick the slots they are the most comfortable with. Moreover, they can also improvise the duration of each class and the topic they want.

Such flexibility is not possible at the school because of fixed hours and a set schedule for each class. Moreover, multiple revisions are also not possible because the teacher has to care for the whole class instead of each student.

This method would allow even students that are falling behind their classes are able to pick up the pace again during lessons conducted by our private tutors.

4. Ease:

Another reason to get your admission in online primary tuition is the ease that Owlinker provides.

For schools, the students have to be dressed up in their uniforms while keeping to a stringent schedule set by the school to follow. The schedule can be so strict that even the parents have to plan their day, keeping the school hours under consideration.

Learn better with Online Primary Tuition

Owlinker would only source for the most experienced and reliable private home tutors that can conduct proper online primary tuition. In this way, students can have complete liberty to enjoy their childhood while we make sure that their academic performance does not get compromised. They can take classes from the comfort of their home at the time they like.

They do not have to reach somewhere physically and can study from the comfort of their home, so that it will also relieve you of your duty of managing your time as your child is under the secure roof of your home.

The time that the students save on commute can be utilized for extra-curricular, a nap or just playtime, which is also essential for the proper growth of your child.

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