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PSLE Tuition


PSLE stands for Primary School Leaving Exam, and every student must clear it in order to get admission to secondary school.

PSLE is highly competitive in nature and truly defines the turn that a student's future take. PSLE is different and more important than the exam that a student has taken so far in primary school and hence requires extra effort and attention.

This high-demanding nature of the PSLE exam requires a PSLE tuition. Here is why having a PSLE tuition is extremely important for your child to have a secure future:

1. Nature:

The nature of a PSLE exam is different from regular exams, and the ministry of education conducts PSLE instead of schools that conduct regular exams.

The questions are set, the ministry checks the exams, and the ministry has a defined clearance criterion. When PSLE was introduced in 1960, it only had two outcomes; either the student will pass or fail, and only the status will be displayed on his result cared.

But now, the PSLE result has gotten more detailed and follows the merit and aggregate system to analyze a student's standing.

This is a reason student need PSLE tuition because the exam will neither be conducted nor be checked by their schools. These exams require an expert teacher who can teach the students how to crack the exam, score high and express their capabilities to the maximum potential.

2. Competition:

A student's exam in primary school remains at primary school and determine his position in his class. But PSLE is conducted on a national level, and hence the competition is on the national level.

As mentioned earlier, the PSLE result follows the merit system, so a student must have a good score in order to get a good positioning.

PSLE tuition is probably the most sort after coaching in Singapore, and as soon as a student gets promoted to class 6, parents start looking for PSLE tuitions to provide their child with the best.

All the students who take PSLE tuition score higher and are better prepared to take the exam. Not just that, they also have the edge over the students who don't.

For a national level competition, every student needs to have the best preparation possible, and a PSLE tuition can only provide that because schools give every student the same education, and the competition comes on to the potential of the student only, excluding the competence of the teacher from the scenario.

3. Importance:

PSLE exam is also more important than any previous exams a student might have taken. Primary school exam determines whether a student will be promoted to the next class or not. PSLE exam determines whether the student will go to a proper secondary school or not.

The merit of the PSLE decides does not only determine the position of a student, and it also determines which secondary school he will go to. All the secondary schools in Singapore have merit that a student has to meet in order to be considered for admission.

The better the school, the higher the merit and the more the number of students competing to get an admission. Every secondary school wants to pick the best of the best students, and if you want your child to qualify for the best secondary school, he has to be among the best.

This is why you cannot compromise on the quality preparation of the PSLE exam, and quality preparation is not possible without a PSLE tuition.

Private tutors that Owlinker sourced for is one of the best PSLE tuition provider in Singapore and makes sure that the students studying with our private tutors score their best possible grades in the PSLE exam. Our alumni list testifies that our efforts have not gone in vain, and we, in fact, have the highest number of students who passed PSLE.

4. Syllabus:

The syllabus of the PSLE exam is also much heftier than the syllabus of any primary school class. A PSLE exam comprises four secondary subjects that include math, English, Science, and mother tongue. If a student wills, he can also take elective subjects, but the compulsory subjects remain unchanged.

The compulsory subjects are the toughest ones and the ones that are the most challenging to the students throughout their academic careers.

Moreover, these subjects do not comprise the syllabus from one academic year. Instead, they comprise academic years of grades 3 to 6, which means the topics are taken from the syllabus worth three years.

The most challenging subjects and the hefty syllabus make the PSLE exam even more pressurizing and hence requires a well-planned scheme and schedule for the preparation that students rarely are able to do on their own.

In Owlinkers, we source for well experienced private tutors in Singapore that coaches PSLE tuition and have worked hard to devise a fool-proof scheme that help the students cover all the syllabus of a PSLE exam effectively. The coverage includes both the concepts and the questions that a student must have to solve a PSLE exam.

Moreover, the scheme is restructured every year to make it more adaptive to the PSLE syllabus and better for the subsequent batches so that students can be facilitated better to have a fair shot at PSLE.

5. One-on-One Sessions:

PSLE exam is the one where you cannot afford even the slightest compromise. A student needs complete and undivided attention as well as comfort to go at his own pace.

If a student is in a class, it will not only divide the attention he gets, and he will also have peer pressure which will weigh him down, which will make him keep up with other students and stop him from asking questions.

Owlinker - your gateway for PSLE Tuition

A student needs utmost comfort to ask questions before the PSLE exam as he needs to clear all the concepts and develop all the skills that is required in order to score as high as possible to get to the best secondary school.

Owlinker source for private tutors that teaches one student at a time so that each student can get a customized teaching session tailored for his needs and designed to polish his strengths while making up for his weaknesses.

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