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The most significant number of students that Owlinker gets every year are math students. Math in Singapore is not just tough, and it is getting more complicated and advanced with every passing year.

Moreover, the criteria to qualify for a math exam in Singapore is also becoming more challenging. The reason behind this could be the dedication of the Ministry of Education to set the bar high for education in Singapore as well as to ensure that the leaders of the future are the crème de la crème of Singapore.

Such changes have to lead many students to start finding math challenging. But at Owlinker, we have identified the core reason for the problem after getting the opportunity to find the right private tutor to teach thousands of students every year at different levels.

The root cause of the problem seems to be the lack of understanding. Math is a language on its own, and once you understand this language, math is as simple as 2+2=4.

Know when you need Private Math Tuition

Children are rarely bad at math when they start learning it. You will see that every child of appropriate age knows to count and can solve fundamental math problems quickly, and this is because they understand the language of math.

They can also see its practical use and relate to it, which is why every student is interested in math at an early stage and does not find it boring.

The reason students start finding it difficult at a later stage is because the advanced language of math seems alien to them. After all, their teachers do not know how to explain it so that they can understand and find it relatable and useful.


How Can We Help?

After understanding the problem, Owlinker will be able to source for the right tutor that conducts private math tuition which devised a teaching method to make math easily understandable for every student at any level. This method is as easy as 2+2=4 itself.

To be brief, the method is to explain math language to the students most straightforwardly and authentically so that they can start finding it useful and practical again. Once there, children begin solving the problems as easily as they can.

But to give this method a practical implementation, Owlinker faced many challenges. The challenges are shown below, and this is how we solved them.


  • Competent Teachers:


First of all, the problem initially created by teachers' lack of competence could not be solved with more incompetent teachers. Owlinker needs to source for private competent tutor that is able to deconstruct the existing approach and construct a fresh approach towards math.

This is why Owlinker sourced out for private tutors who had done exceptionally well in their higher degrees in math. In our discussion, we found out that they had faced the same problems as every child faces with math, and they agreed with our analysis of the problem.

Private tutors sourced out by Owlinker for their private maths tuition which they had deconstructed the contemporary approach and had constructed the modern approach for themselves to succeed.


  • Training:


Owlinker would only source out for tutors that are well trained in private maths tuition. All the teachers sourced out by Owlinker were exceptional at math, and they had a fair experience of teaching as well, but we needed to source for a well-trained private tutor as per Owlinker’s policy which has been resulting in great academic results and curricular performance of our students.

So, for private maths tuition, tutors that are sourced out by Owlinker are trained to be compassionate towards the students. They are trained to understand a child’s psychology and use it for the student’s benefit instead of letting it harm him.

Similarly, teachers that are sourced out by Owlinker are trained to focus on the broader picture, i.e. not to limit their efforts to get great results in one academic year only, but to empower their students in such a way that will enable them to get higher-level education in math if they want to.

This policy ensures that our students are ready to face big challenges in their lives, and our mentorship is of help to them in whatever direction they want to take.


  • Makeup:


As the private maths tuition session starts, the first challenge we face with the students is to make up for their loss of time and effort.

As their understanding of math is compromised at earlier stages, they develop a bitter attitude towards math. The private tutors that were sourced out by Owlinker help them break this notion and encourage them to take a fresh start towards their learning journey.

Our private tutors will be able to simplify the process and start teaching the students at the most basic level for every question so that they can make up for the previous loss. As the student begins to develop an understanding, they start getting better and better at it.

To further facilitate the process, as the private tutoring is done on a one-to-one basis, regular revisions or recaps can be done at every lesson to ensure that students fully understood the syllabus that was taught in the previous lesson before moving on to the next topic. In a way, this also helps to give students confidence as they take baby steps towards acing this subject.


  • Confidence Building:


As our private tutors strengthen students' understanding during private maths tuition, the students will start to perform better and better with each passing sum.

At this point, the tutors will be able to use this opportunity to build confidence in the students that they have totally understood it, and there is nothing that can stop them now. This confidence gives birth to a winning attitude in students and helps them be motivated and optimistic for their final exam.


  • Exams:


At this stage, Owlinker sources for well-trained tutors in private math tuition that will help students submerge their focus on the exams. As the student is well prepared and confident, they will be able to excel in the exam.

The classes and lessons also become more syllabus driven at this point, and our private tutor leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the student has a command over each and every concept and skill that he would need in the exam.

Moreover, the assessments, quizzes and revisions also become more regular and rigorous at this point to ensure in a systematic way that the students are fully prepared to take the exam.

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The end product of this exercise is no secret, as Owlinker has the highest number of high-scoring students every year through our superb recommendation of veteran private tutors.

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