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Junior college is the final step in the primary education of a student, after which he gets to enroll himself in a professional course at a university.

But this journey is not as easy as it may sound. At the junior college level, all the previously taught material of a subject is skimmed and combined to test the fundamental knowledge and ability of the student before they finally go for their final examination.

Moreover, junior college students also face enormous pressure of their uncertain future and what they will do next with their lives.

At Owlinker, we connect junior college students to our recommended private tutors, who do not only help them qualify for JC but also prepares them for the future.

Our private tutors will equipped students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills to apply during their life in junior college to help build up the confidence of the students for them to ace their studies.

Here is how we approach the most challenging junior college subjects:

JC GP Tuition:

At the level of junior college, the study dynamics take a major shift. For example, the JC GP paper is not only concerned with student’s English writing skills; it is about developing a sound approach for the world.

Students are required to know about different fundamental and contemporary issues of the world and need to have their mature opinion on it.

At the private tutors that we sourced for students do not only polish our students’ English skills, but they would also impart certain methods and approach for students to take note when tackling the questions in their examination.


Math Tuition JC:

As the level becomes higher, the difficulty of math also increases. At the level of junior college, the math is much more complex and requires a combination of various mathematical techniques to reach a solution.

Owlinker’s recommended private tutors breakdown math to basic level so that students do not feel threatened by questions that may seem complex to them. The breakdown does not only help in the ease of understanding the subject for students, but also give them a confidence boost even in the presence of a challenging math question.

JC Chemistry Tuition:

The biggest problem that students face with JC chemistry is that they remain confused as the learning outcomes of each topic might be very grey to them unless being stated really clearly in classes. This is a common issue among JC students due to the extensive and in-depth syllabus of the subject.

Owlinker’s private tutors have developed a systematic way in which they guide their students with both learning and preparation perspectives. As Owlinker only sourced for veteran private tutors or ex-MOE educators to recommend to students for coaching, students would benefit from their vast amount of experience and knowledge that our private tutors have in this subject to be well-equipped in order to have a better understanding of this subject.

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