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Like primary school, secondary school is also a transitional phase. It matures students into an adult and equips him or her with the core qualities and skills that will come in handy during the process of their growth.

Online Tuition for Secondary Students

With secondary school, not only does the syllabus becomes more complex for understanding, the demands and criteria for students to elevate to the next level has become much more challenging. Moreover, teenage life comes with a lot more distractions than primary school times, and it tends to divert the attention of the students away from their studies.

Also, with the collaboration of the ministry of education of Singapore with Cambridge since 2009, the toughness level of GCE O Levels has become world-class.

At such a point, a student needs experienced tutors and a study environment that can help him stay focus and equip him with all the necessary skillsets in order to overcome this challenge.

Owlinker would be able to source for the best private tutors in Singapore that can conduct online tuition for secondary students in Singapore on a one-to-one basis to increase the success rate for students to be able to ace in their GCE O Levels examination. Here is how we do it:

1. Environment:

The most important thing that private online secondary tuition can provide to a secondary school student is a personalized and a studious environment whereby the students can be free of distractions and be able to get the fullest attention from the tutor of their choice.

Owlinker’s role here is to source for the most suitable and experienced private tutors for students where students will be able to receive a personalized coaching by the private tutor which is different from how schools are like where they will be in classroom with other students. This helps to create a much more comfortable learning environment where students need not be shy to ask our private tutors questions or be concern whether their questions will drag the process of learning for the entire class.

2. Sense of Responsibility:

Once a student starts taking an interest in his studies in our online tuition for secondary students, the next thing is to develop a sense of responsibility in them.

Secondary school time is the level where the learning process of students has to be more of collaborative than authoritative. The process should not always only be teachers conducting their lessons in school at designated timings and students listening blindly and going back home at the end of the day. Students have to be active in terms of trying their best to answer questions the teachers prompted during lessons and also be able to ask questions for areas that are still not clear.

Private tutors recommended by Owlinker are either experienced or past MOE teachers that have been in the education industry for a long period of time, students would benefit through gaining new insights and experiences from these mentors to help themselves set a goal so that they would be aware that they are actually responsible for the outcome of their future.

3. Practicality:

The skills required for the GCE O Levels exam are practical and the deep understanding of all the syllabus taught at this level are essential in order for students to be able to perform well for their examination. For students to be able to be practical in terms of application of all the knowledge and skillsets gained during times like examination or test is really not a walk in a park.

However, Owlinker would source for the best private tutor that is able to provide students with a kind of guidance that is different from student’s time in school, students will be able to learn to take a more practical approach during the online secondary tuition conducted by our private tutors

4. Preparation:

Because of the highly demanding nature of GCE O Levels, a student can never be too complacent when dealing with the exam.

Owlinker has connected thousands of students with their ideal private tutors for online tuition for secondary students every year. Over time, we have managed to understand the concerns faced by students and recommend the most suitable private tutors for our students to facilitate their learning to prepare them for their final exam.

This continuous preparation helped students from exam anxiety and performance pressure as the day approach. Students that have been coached by private tutors sourced by Owlinker would usually be well equipped with skills and confidence even during their preparation phase.

5. Convenience:

Secondary students tend to be overburdened with their studies as the syllabus become more complex. Similarly, they are also trying to balance their social and academic activities, which is essential and common for an adult.

For the convenience of students while relieving the pressure that they faced at this level of education, the online secondary tuition conducted by Owlinker’s private tutors will be able to make sure that students are productive during lesson time while being at their own comfort zone.

Why choose Our Service for Online Secondary Tuition

The online system allows students to still be able to have a very personalized coaching by our private tutors while students can just stay at home in their own comfort zone. There is no need for them to waste valuable time to dress up and travel to another destination for tuition lessons with our private tutors while still being able to be productive in their learning.

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