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6 Benefits of Private Home Tuition

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Singapore is one of the most promisingly growing countries in the world, and our global contributions are increasing every year. With more attention on us and the increasing competition, Singapore is cautious of its quality to the world.

6 Benefits of Private Home Tuition

This pressure has led the Ministry of Education Singapore to make rigorous curriculum and examination criteria changes. The syllabus is evolving with each passing area, and the academic environment is becoming more challenging.

These changes are essential to keep up with the world, but at the same time, the students are struggling with getting a good score in their exams and make it to the next academic level.

Such a situation has given rise to the need for private home tuition, which provides students with the extra attention and care required to perform well.

Over the years, private tuition online has proven to be effective in supporting students to clear their exams and scoring a distinction, that too with a balanced life.

Such results have appealed to a lot of students, and as per the statistics, 4 out of 10 preschoolers, 8 out of 10 primary schoolers and 6 out of 10 high schoolers take private tuition online.

This blog will cover six benefits of private tuition online and why every student in Singapore should consider joining one.

1. Individual Attention:

The topmost benefit of home tuition is that each student gets individual attention. A standard class has dozens of students at schools, and the teacher has to teach the class with a collective approach.

A teacher neither has the time nor the availability to pay attention to each student and cater to his individual needs. Instead, the teacher focuses on covering the syllabus as soon as possible and adopt a generic formula that should work for every student.

The ground reality is that every student is unique and has a different thought process. He can struggle with the things that other students might find easy, and it is not feasible for a teacher to stop the class and teach one student.

Similarly, classrooms have a continuous spectrum. If a student misses one concept, the pattern will continue, and he will not understand the next steps either. It will create frustration in the student, and he will eventually accept that he is just not good enough for the subject.

In home tuition, a tutor is dedicated to one student only, and his only job is to provide the student with what he wants to excel in the subject. Such a setup has proven to make every student good at every subject. Of course, not equally good, but still good enough.

2. No Distractions:

The second benefit of home tuition is that it has no distractions like those in a typical classroom. For starters, there are no classmates or friends that can engage the attention of a student.

Secondly, the teacher has to focus on one student only so he can sense the lack of attention and use effective ways to engage the student.

Without those external factors, a student has no choice but to give a fair shot to the subject, and if the teacher in the other end is competent, it will be enough for him to deliver his lecture effectively.

An environment with no distractions also helps those students who are generally not interested or motivated to study. When there are no distractions, the only activity left to do is study, and that's the goal we are trying to achieve.

3. Liberty:

Private tuitions give us more liberty and freedom than we had ever imagined.

Traditionally, the only choice that a student has is to choose the school where he goes. This liberty is also short-lived as mostly the parents get to make this decision, and after that, the admission becomes dependent on their PSLE results.

But with home tuition, a student can enjoy as much liberty as he can choose the teacher he wants to study with, pick the timing he is comfortable with and select a duration that works the best for him.

With so much freedom of choice, students are not left with any excuse not to give their best to their studies.

4. One-on-One Sessions:

One-on-sessions is a huge advantage that tuitions have over schools.

At schools, it is mainly one teacher for a lot of students but tuitions, there is one tutor for one student only. Such a setup is ideal for students and teachers to be comfortable with each other get personally involved in devising a strategy that works the best for them.

As there are no other students present, a tutee feels more comfortable voicing his concerns and asking the questions he wants. Similarly, the tutee can sense what problems a student is facing and pay special attention to resolving his issues and facilitating him to give his best.

5. Efficiency and Productivity:

While schools are known to be exhaustive and draining for a student, private tuition effectively boosts productivity and efficiency.

For schools, students have to be certainly disciplined, and they have to wear certain clothes, reach a particular place and behave a certain way.

But in home tuition, a student can be free of all these obligations and can focus on studying.

Firstly, the student does not have to reach anywhere, so the tutor is all the burden of time management and punctuality.

Secondly, there is no uniform and decorum for a student to follow as long as he has reasonably dressed.

The time and energy that students save on dressing up and commute can be utilized for study, revision and home works.

6. Peace of Mind:

The last benefit concerns parents more than students. When a child has to go to school, the parents have to schedule and plan their lives according to the school.

They have to wake up at a certain time, prepare the child, pick and drop him, etc. They are also subconsciously worried about the safety and security of their child.

But with home tuition, parents can enjoy complete peace of mind as they do not have to prepare, pick and drop the child. He can just be at home right in front of your house, under your safe roof, while he gets the best education in the world.


Private home tuitions are trending in Singapore, and more and more people are signing up for them. Safely speaking, they have a pretty success rate and have been effective in boosting a student's academic performance.

And with all the above-stated benefits, there is no apparent reason not to connect with a well-reputed home tuition provider.

At Owlinker, we provide work as mediators by facilitating students connect with tutors for online tuitions, be it any level or any subject. We want to help students learn better, that too, from the comfort of their home.

Connect with us today!

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Before choosing home tutors for economics you must know about their educational qualifications and experience in teaching. Never prefer incompetent tutors who do have not any past experience because this can leads to future complications for your child.

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