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Updated: Mar 4

Parents should seriously contemplate these 3 essential factors before engaging maths home tuition for your primary school child.

As a parent, hiring a maths private tutor in hope of bringing up those grades has surely popped up in your mind. And we’re also quite certain you’ve had first-hand experiences of seeing your kid fumble through those number-filled problem sums. Some too tough to solve, even for you.

When considering maths home tuition, parents have a lot to look out for, including the boons, reliability and what your little one can benefit from the experience.

Here are 3 things that you should be mindful of before putting your young one through maths home tuition:

Your child’s learning hurdles

As much as we hope that our kids can sail through their academic assignments while exhibiting joy, reality can be harsh. If your child’s not doing well in maths, there must be a reason or several reasons why. And it’s crucial to figure them out.

Kids do exhibit obvious signs that they require maths home tutors to guide them, such as displaying an extreme lack of interest in the subject. Also, think about the following. Could the questions be too difficult for them to comprehend? Could it be an incompatible personalities issue between the teacher and your child? Is he or she too shy or embarrassed to ask for help? Is he or she showing signs of procrastination when asked to complete homework?

If it’s because your young one can’t adapt to the learning pace in school, a private math tutor could possibly make some difference. They may have some experiences with tutoring students who are similar to your child. That way, they can refer from past experience and develop teaching methods that can fit your child.

Tangible reasons like a child suffering from myopia can also affect grades. Blurry vision is unquestionably a learning obstacle and it’s only a matter of time their grades suffer.

Distractions caused by electronic devices could also be why students aren’t learning well. TV sounds in the background or devices nearby are a huge no-no. If distractions are the ones raising the red flag in their grades, having a specific place to study will help. A conducive learning environment can essentially be a bedrock to establish a learning routine. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive, just check that all sources of distraction are removed from the area.

No matter what, communication is key. Talking with your kids is critical in finding out the cause of their substandard results before you even think about finding your kid a math private tutor. Talking to their teachers can also help you deduce the reason behind it. Digging deep into the whys and articulating them to the math tutor will help the tutor develop the best possible learning methodologies catered for your kiddo.

Home tuition should be about improving your child’s math learning ability

The good thing about math 1-to-1 tuition is the educator’s complete attention towards your kid. But that shouldn’t be exploit. Tuition at home is more than just helping your kid complete his or her homework. A skilled tutor doesn’t just answer questions and do school problems.

Every student learn differently. The trick will be unearthing your child’s best learning method. This doesn’t come easy. It can be an arduous process, and takes more than just your effort.

You’d want to look out for someone who’s able to advance the student’s learning ability. They should also be familiar in assessing a student’s strengths and weaknesses to customize a teaching experience. An unsuitable teaching approach can be disintegrating to a kid’s self-learning ability at its very foundation.

Also, be sure the student is comfortable with the tutor. Children need to know that they’re talking and learning with an adult who won’t judge them. The tutor should also be a role model whom they can trust and have no difficulty in opening up towards them.

What’s important is the liaison between parents and tutors before deciding to arrange for maths home tuition for your child. At times, parents scarcely notice the impact and changes to their actions and words that can do great difference for their little ones.

Establish your expectations before hiring a private tutor

If you hire a math private tutor and expects your kid’s results to go through the roof in under a month, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Ascertaining concrete expectations like the hours of session per week, the essence of these lessons, the qualifications of the tutor etc. can lay the groundwork to help you find what you’re looking for, set measurable goals for the sessions, and make sure time and money isn’t wasted.

Once again, communication with youngsters is the cornerstone on finding out their expectations. And it’s cardinal to strike a balance between your expectations and theirs. Setting goals that seem attainable for you might speak differently for your child. Seemingly impossible goals can be self-defeating to your young one, making them think they’re incapable and thus, losing confidence in their learning process.

A relationship doesn’t get built in one night. It needs time, patience and efforts from all parties involved. Other than your kid, telling tutors your expectations is also vital to a better learning experience. By doing so, he or she can try to create a tutoring experience to fit your requirements and your child’s learning ability.


If you’re wondering whether you should engage in math home tuition for your little kid, it’s probably the very first sign you should. Thoroughly go through these mentioned There could be more things to think about other than those we mentioned.

Sometimes, as parents, we tend to define capability by the mere numerical superficiality, often displayed on report cards. Impressive scores are not the only aspects in determining a kid’s potential. As parents, we have a lifelong duty to help them recognize that success is not absolute. Sometimes, the ability to learn and adaptability can be strongest benchmark for achievements.

Here are some actionable steps to take if you’d like to get hands-on to improve your kid’s math grades.

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