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Updated: Mar 4

Tuition is a popular attempt for parents to help improve school grades for their kids. Here’s 5 insider tips on how to find the perfect tutor in Singapore.

Thinking of finding a tutor in Singapore for your child?

You’re not the only one. Home tuition has become commonplace in Singapore’s culture and maybe the most favoured choice to improve grades. In fact, 7 in 10 parents in Singapore send their kids to tuition.

Tuition seeking has changed a lot over the past decades or so. Gone are the days of heading to a tuition agency in quest of a private educator. You can now easily request for a tutor at significantly less costs through the internet.

Here are some suggestions to give you an edge on choosing the best tutor for your child.  

Work out what your kid like and don’t like

Your kid’s likes and dislikes matter the most in seeking a tutor — since they’ll be the one involved in the experience first-hand.

List out your kid’s wants and don’t wants. Would they prefer to have more intensive lessons than outside hours homework? Do they want a partner to study with them? The list goes on. Sitting down and talking to your kids often does great help to determining the top choice of educator and what they want out of the experience. Dissatisfactions come to the fore with communication.

If your kids have had past tutors, you can judge from those too. Was he or she too stern? Did they bond well? Was your child comfortable with talking to him or her? You can probably unearth more details on what they expect to look for in a tutor than what they told you.

Afterwards, evaluate the list of what they like and don’t. Determine what really matters to your kids. Sure, kids can have qualms about tuition in general. As long as you know what they can look forward, it’s not impossible that they can’t get the best experience out of it.

Word of mouth is powerful

Word-of-mouth is triggered when a customer encounter something far beyond what was expected. This unpaid form of promotion can also be the most credible way to seek out the best teaching coach.

Talk to fellow parents. They might just be the key to discovering the most suitable tuition candidate for your child as you’re getting in-depth details about these educators. Even if they do not have first-hand recommendation, they could’ve heard from somewhere else that’ll fit your demands. Usually, if you hear recommendations, you’re probably getting top-notch quality.

The more information you arm yourself with, the better position you’ll be in to secure the best teaching candidate. Align these details with your objective will help you select a private tutor who’s really suitable for your kid, and will also save time, effort, and cost in the long run.

Make time to go over your options

When you’re stuck in between options, it can be hard to assign just one mentor. But don’t rush into decisions just yet. Invest in some time to go through the list of suitable prospects.

If you’re still uncertain, talk to those parents who’ve had experiences with these tutors. Parents will be more than happy to share their views and knowledge to help another fellow parent pick the best tutor.

Reviews are also a great source of guidance. If you’re at the convenience of communicating with these candidates, talk to them. Interaction beats reviews any time of the day.

Focus on quality, not quantity

Another point for consideration when you’re seeking out tutors is ensuring they have the qualifications required to teach your kid.

Check credentials carefully. They should have appropriate grade level on the particular subject that you’re looking for. Think about this: it doesn’t make much sense to let an English major when your little one needs help bringing up the math grades.

But solely relying on the evaluation of qualifications to determine your choice of tutor can be meaningless. It’ll be useful to find out more about the tutor’s experience.

For instance, you’d like to purchase detergent brand A. Knowing that someone else who has similar demographic (same location, weather, amount of laundry, etc.) as you do who bought brand A will put you at ease in buying it too.

This concept applies to finding a tutor too. Knowing that the tutor has worked with kids similar in age and ability to your child gives you more room for decision. Also, ask questions to see how well their teaching skills match your child’s needs. An experienced tutor will have their way of evaluating each student’s needs. Find out from them how they tend to do so with your child so you’ll know if he or she fits the bill.

Test your options

Now you’re at the final step of the quest-for-the-tutor process.

If your kid is at his or her first trial lesson, sit in if possible. Watch how your child relates to the tutor — it’s crucial to know that your child is comfortable.

Look out for signs like distractions or yawns (which are pretty obvious) while you’re sitting in. If they do, they’re probably not looking forward to their next session.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback from your child after the first session. The yawns or distractions could just be a sole happenstance, they might actually love it for all you know.

Your kid’s acceptance is extremely paramount to know if your kid is ready to accept a long-term coaching relationship with the tutor.


Don’t make a rash decision in finding your child a tutor. Do your best to seek an educator who can inspire and motivate your child to learn.

Sure, kids seldom wake up in excitement looking forward to their tuition session. Don’t beat yourself up if your kids doesn’t find the perfect tutor. It takes some time for a child to get used to bonding and it takes time for personalities to mesh.

Remember, even though looking for the perfect tutor can be troublesome, there’s seldom a one-size-fits-all approach. What’s important is putting in the effort to make sure that’s possible, hence preparation work comes at the top of the to-do list.

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